About Healthy Shisha
How does it work ?

How it works:
 The Healthy Shisha works on a similar concept to Electronic Cigarettes. It is consist out of two parts. The bottom part is the electronics, which include a massive rechargeable battery and 4 atomizing devises to vaporize the flavored liquid from the flavor tank, which fits on...

Healthy Shisha Benefits
Benefits: • The Healthy Shisha has no tobacco, no tar, no real smoke and no other chemicals like traditional cigarettes that can cause lung cancer. Avoid thousands of known toxins, tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens that are found in smoke. • Avoid lung diseases associated with smoking. • Avoid heart and cardiovascular diseases associated with smoking. • Avoid destroying your lungs and maintain your fitness and stamina in sports. • No first-hand smoke and no second-hand...
Healthy Shisha Patent
 Healthy Shisha is an invention and creation of a man that always thrived for perfection in all its aspects. A healthy and practical solution a lot of people were awaiting for. Quality, durability and simplicity were the main targets of the single handed inventor. Nizar Mukaddam a Lebanese born business man offers more than a decade of accomplishment-laden experience in the customer service industries, driving achievement of the highest priority sales growth, brand development,...
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