Healthy Shisha
Healthy Shisha is a great way to quit smoking


With the Healthy Shisha, the smoker gets the nicotine their body craves, and the full psychological aspect of smoking a normal shisha and tasting it, satisfying that oral fixation and fulfilling the "smoke" affect.

The Healthy Shisha offers Low nicotine level, which allow the smoker to reduce the nicotine intake in small amounts.

We offer all the way down to a zero level nicotine (just the flavor) ,actually aiding themselves in weaning off the nicotine addiction.

The Healthy Shisha can be smoked anywhere and everywhere:

The Healthy Shisha can be used legally almost anywhere and everywhere, where traditional smoking is prohibited.

The Statutory Definitions of the Smoking Health Act Ban, refers to smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substances in a form in which it could be smoked.

The Healthy Shisha is not lit and smoke is not produced. The smoke that you see is strictly a harmless vapor mist, and therefore is no breach of the Health Act in using our Healthy Shisha. .

NOTE: There is no need to be concerned about the fact that nicotine is being used because the Healthy Shisha is not lit and therefore not smoked.

How does it work ?

How it works:
 The Healthy Shisha works on a similar concept to Electronic Cigarettes. It is consist out of two parts. The bottom part is the electronics, which include a massive rechargeable battery and 4 atomizing devises to vaporize the flavored liquid from the flavor tank, which fits on top of the electronic unit utilizing a user friendly magnetic connection. To use your Healthy Shisha, simply remove the tobacco bowl (used for tobacco/shisha and coal) and put the Healthy Shisha instead of the bowl. Next, take a flavor tank of your choice and simply put in on top of the electronic unit.
The Healthy Shisha is always ready to go! No need to light a coal no need to prep the tobacco, no need to fill water, no need to get foil papers! Just puff literally whenever you feel like! That will be the center piece of your next friends gathering

Healthy Shisha Eco-Friendly and hygienic.

We consider the Healthy Shisha as a Eco-Friendly Product, and we have the goal of helping to create a smoke free environment, by offering smoking Healthy Shisha, without tobacco, tar, smoke and the other chemicals found in the traditional , and here is how .The Healthy Shisha produces vapor mist that looks like smoke, instead of real smoke. There is no tobacco to dispose, and therefore much less to recycle . Avoid smoker's bad breath. Avoid yellowing teeth . Avoid smoke-filled rooms, smelly clothing, and furniture

The Healthy Shisha is Non-Flammable.

 The Healthy Shisha is a completely non-flammable electronic device. There is no danger of fire, anything burning and no substance in it lit. Our Healthy Shisha is a safe product and is CE & Rohs certified. Safe - There is no flame, so there is no fire to catch onto anything. No need to have lighters or matches around that kids can get into.


The Base is the Heart of the Healthy Shisha

The Shisha base is the "heart" of the Healthy Shisha ,it includes a rechargeable battery . We developed the base that will be as much commutable as can and easy for use The Base fits most of the traditional Shisha available in the market The battery can be charged up to +- 300 times. The battery can work for 400 puffs +- 10% (between charges) Inside the base there are some electronic parts so it is important not to drop it on the lower part of the base there is a charging point for the USB cable and it will charge the battery. On the top place of the base there is an LED that will show you a red light when you are smoking and will stop when you don’t use it. When you will charge the battery the light will be red.When the battery is full the light will turn Green The base was developed for maximum puffs of 10 seconds and after 1 puff of 10 seconds the device will stop the power and will be ready for use after 1-2 seconds again.

Do not put any flavors directly in the base, as it can short circuit and damage the electronic components inside the product.