Euro Comm Patent No, EP 10173965.4

Euro Comm Patent No, EP 10173965.4

Healthy Shisha is an invention and creation of a man that always thrived for perfection in all its aspects. A healthy and practical solution a lot of people were awaiting for.

Quality, durability and simplicity were the main targets of the single handed inventor.

Nizar Moukaddam a Lebanese born business man offers more than a decade of accomplishment-laden experience in the customer service industries, driving achievement of the highest priority sales growth, brand development, product launch, market share, distribution expansion, and operation efficiency idealist.

Uncounted trips around the globe, long meetings with designers and manufacturers to not lose the charm, presence and essence of the traditional Shisha rewarded us with a world class invention.

The time factor was no concern for us, the inventor wanted a top quality production and design. Looking for the best in the most simplified miniaturized technologies and collaborating with most reputable laboratories in Europe for the healthiest herbal syrup led to receiving an EU certificate and licenses to use this syrup  in the Healthy Shisha so to provide the public with the perfect healthiest Shisha to continue with a press of a button and without the hassle of firing coals and using nicotine, tar and glycerin based tobacco enjoying the presence of their social companion without the risk of any deadly diseases or affecting their surrounding with passive smoking.

The logistics and the excellent customer service is one of the main target to provide our customer with, it will be in a very short time available in the market exactly like any other daily used product.