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Apple Refill Vaporizer 0mg Nicotine.
Price: $ 14.00 SKU: 345 Available Quantity: 1000

Vaporizer :

With the Healthy Shisha kit you will get 2 Vaporizers that include any flavor that you chose from the list of the flavors we can offer you.Each Vaporizer can fit for +- 1500 puffs. The flavors liquid are 0 nicotine .The Vaporizer was developed and designed to provide the Healthy Shisha smoker the best solution of using the flavor and to prevent leakage of liquid. The Vaporizer was developed to mount itself automatically in the right direction to prevent any problem for the end user and to prevent any mistakes .The Vaporizer was engineered to give you the best and easiest way of using the product .
Vaporizer Flavors options: To give you the best feeling of smoking we developed many kind of flavors You can chose your flavor from the below list : Apple, Grape, Mango, Cherry, Mints, Lemon and Melon.